Truly Madly Guilty:Book Review


Truly Madly Guilty,Novel by Liane Moriarty

Another book review because why not right this is my third Liane Moriarty novel and I must admit it was so long.How does 432 pages sound like  literally a lifetime if you ask me.Is this how long Harry Potter books usually run?


Quick Summary

The story follows two best friends ,Clementine and Erica. They both have been friends since their early childhood almost dates back to kindergarden.Story takes place somewhere in Australia.Both friends are in their adult life clementine and erica are both married happily clementine is a mother of two.All is great until they are invited to a bbq where their lives take a twist of events.Oh and there is a death involved that makes things a bit  complicated but worry no this is no spoiler.


Overall the book was one of my least favorites for many reasons.One it was too long of a book I felt  i was  dragged out  through some parts of the book.The characters overall had very little character growth.I felt the story was very plain and that it was overly stretched.I had a hard time understanding the book in the first couple chapters.If you have been wanting to read this book than go grab it if not go read another laine monrarity book because this one is a tad long and not really worth the reading.In conclusion I’d give this book a 3 stars and it’s a 3 because i really enjoy the author’s book and i was so excited to read this book but i was left with “well that’s it feeling”.


Birthday tag 🎂 

The Birthday Tag Questions:1. Do you go by a nickname? Yes a few paty,patty,Maravillas 

2. When driving, do you listen to CD’s, tapes, the radio or nothing?radio and pandora ,audio books 

3. Are you a window person or an aisle person?window

4. How do you relieve stress?hmmm run,eat and shop,swim

5. What’s your favorite childhood TV show?hmm recess

6.When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?a teacher and news reporter 

7.What was the best prank you ever pulled off?idk …had my cousin kiss a fish

8.If you could have dinner with any three people, whom would you choose? Hmmmm …I’ll stick to famous people Enrique Iglesias Ryan GLosing,Jason Seg

9.If you could get back any article of clothing you once wore, what would it be?my checkered cherry outfit or my tie dye pants

10.If you could hire any actor to portray you in a movie, who would you chose? Jlo 😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

11.If you could play any instrument, which would you play?mmmmm the piano

12.If you could hear anyone in history give a speech, whom would you hear? Hmmmmm idk

13.If you could live in one city for the rest of your life, where would you live?

Somewhere in Hawaii 

14.If you could make any fictional character come to life who it be?Jane

15. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?princess jasmine ,belle etc

16. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?closed

17.If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be? An Ashley from recess 😂

18. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?yes lol 

19. Have you stolen a street sign before?nope

20. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?mmmm messy 

21. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?ugh 🐝 bees😭

22. Do you always smile for pictures?mostly

23. Have you peed in the woods?nope 

24. What size is your bed?twin

25.What was the best concert you ever attended?pitbull 

26. What is your song of the week?felices los 4

27. Do you still watch cartoons?yes

28. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?last week does birthday card count?

29. How many languages can you speak?2

30. Do you believe in ghosts?no

31. What was your first concert? Paulina Rubio 

32. Cheetos or Fritos?fritos

33. Can you curl your tongue?yes

34. Ever won a spelling bee?nope  only in a play

35. Own a record player?no

36. Who would you like to see in concert?justin Bieber and Selena Gomez 

37. Sugar cookies or snickerdoodles?sincerdoodles

38. Can you swim well?no

39. Are you patient?ehh depends

40. DJ or band at a wedding? Dj

41. Ever won a contest?no

42. Do you have kids?no

43. Do you want kids?yes 

Birthday dinner

Usually for my birthday I love to have a huge birthday dinner or multiple birthday dinners either way they both are kind of exhausting.Especially the ones that are multiple ones the ones I literally eat out all week with all different types of people and celebrate. Don’t get me wrong I love my birthday and I truly excited when june rolls around.Lately I’ve noticed loads of people have birthdays in and I don’t know how i feel about it.This year because of the orbit I’m currently cycling thru.Nonetheless I wanted to have a big dinner than I told myself no, I don’t even wanna get dressed so I chopped it to the inner circle which was my best friends and family.I had originally thought about having my birthday dinner at market tavern but then I thought oh no that place is to fancy for my current state.


I decided for wing stop I wanted something super casual and just wanted to enjoy a meal with my friends and family and that’s what I did.It was great to spend time with my peeps I really appreciated that each and everyone of them came out to see me for my birthday.Birthdays are special to me but sometimes I just have to be content where Im in life and take advantage of all the people that care about me and what to show they care.Nothing is better than enjoying some great wings with company, if you’re ever at wing stop try my favorite flavors korean (if available check your local listings) teriyaki and lemon pepper when I’m not counting calories I go for the boneless and fries as for my dipping side I try for  cheese it’s amazing.Lastly thanks to those that came out to celebrate my birthday it a different way.Cheers to this new year and everything that is to come.

I didn’t take my regular normal birthday group shot like I usually do so I took pictures from my cousin so shout to my cousin christopher took them from his instagram 🙂

One plus one by Jojo Moyes( BOOKREVIEW)

One plus one

Finally another Jojo Moyes after reading “Me before you”,it has been about a year when I finished “me before you’ and cried my eyes out.I had heard many bad reviews from its sequl “me after you” and never picked it up but recently I came across this beautiful green covered book.Please don’t  judge a book by it’s cover if you ever seen jojo moyes books you know she tends to pick a very beautiful font with beautiful colors.

Quick summary

One plus one is the story of two different people that their life crosses in a very particular way.You have Jess a mother of two a teenager,and a  brilliant 8 year old.Jess has many hardships working against her but despite all that she juggling she is still the most optimistic person, she believes and  works really hard to provide for her children in the best way she can.Then you have Ed who seems to have it all in terms of money, but is currently deal with a divorce and some legal issues.Both characters life cross roads and take a crazy love adventure you don’t want to miss.

I def recommend getting this book especially if your looking for a light love story that will make you believe.I also love this story because its based on  characters many people can relate to, its characters that go thru real things and people can often find themselves very connected to.So i give this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars because it kept me wanting to know where the heck this story was going and how it would end and I must admit I was pretty pleased.

The Problem with Forever :Book review

I just read this book a couple of weeks ago and I was totally in awe by it.The message really made me tear up a couple of times.It’s not your typical sappy story that makes you cry let’s keep that in  perspective.This story has a lot of humor within the story.You learn to quickly love the characters,this was definitely a book I didn’t want to put down ,I literally finished it within a week because it was so great.So let me give you a quick rundown of the book so you can go grab yourself a copy or run to your local library.

The Problem with forever follows the story of Mallory and Ryder which have a very traumatic childhood experience.Throughout the book you get glimpse of what the experience is and how it affects their current life.Major events happen throughout the story along with coping to move forward both characters overcome their circumstances in ways that help them grow.The plot takes place within a high school setting and moves to the past.

The biggest message in the book is the theme of forever, what forever means and how forever transform the characters go thru different meaning of what forever really means.The other theme the book hits on is the loss through the book characters are in lost of something their old self or love ones.I definitely recommend picking up this book and enjoying the storyline and the bits of humor the author adds to add a good laugh to the book.

28 things I’ve learned in 28 years

It’s officially my birthday and looking back to what 27th was like ,it was a hard year, indeed it was a long year.I year that I never saw to come the way it did many great things happened but than many things that often tested me.From my career to my personal life 27 wasn’t all it turned out to be.I continued on my projects but looking now it was a year of the big question whats next or how I’m changing.So here is the post 28 things I’ve learned in 28 years gosh I’m old:) and filled with wisdom and getting just like fine wine.

1.Happiness is truly important… you can make so many people days happy just by a smile I can guarantee it’s like a domino affect once you smile to someone the next person smile and so forth

2.Take care of your self brush your teeth, go to your doctor and dentist appointments,sleep as much as you can the older we get the less sleep we sometimes can get a hold of.
3.Workout even if you hate it just work out your body will thank you later.Its important to come up with a workout routine to help combat our bad moods (trust me)

4.Money spent on traveling is money well spent!
5.Pay off your student loans as soon as you can you don’t wanna be the person paying off loans for 10years.
6.if you need to 😭 cry freakin cry and be sad(It’s okay)

7.Sometimes you need to burn some bridges to create some distance

8.Not all friendships last and thats okay ,just remember to stay true to your self and if the friendship taught you something than it did its purpose in your life.

9. forever doesn’t really exist,thing is forever nor the good nor the bad,life is forever changing and one is evolving the opposite orbit.

10.Be kind to others always, sprinkle kindness like confetti

11.Family is important,yes even if theres a big “if”

12.  When you learn to see that everyone is going thru something you learn to judge less

13. People who care will come thru no matter what the situation is…allow them to show they care.

14. Learn to say no

15.Goals are important never stop having goals,reach your goals revisit your goals and redesign your goals.

16. People will always have something to say if they do it’s because your obviously doing something right

18. Plans change and that’s okay too( in all aspect of life ,personal, work ,love, money etc.)

19.Life doesn’t always ever get better like in the movies,there are good,great time but also crappy times,but you learn to move forward( or at least thats what I’m told)

20.Never give up no matter how crappy things get never give up keep moving forward like my cousin says ” this is the part of the movie where it gets better”
21.Write people letters once in a while
22.Be organic unplug from social media once in a while.
23.Singing in your car can be pure happiness
24.A 13mile run can be what you need to feel stronger literally and figuratively
25.Listen to your body if your body doesn’t like Mc donalds chicken nuggets than don’t eat them.
26.Read for the sake of reading
27.A year closer to 30 is not the end of the world I report its not the end of the world
28 Always be grateful even when you currently hate everything about life or where its going.Or even when you feel so left out and want to scream at people.
*keep memories close to your heart because people tend to forget,pictures bring memories alive.

Big basin hike

I told my best friend let’s hike let’s do something this weekend let’s make it Epic right sounds all great and dandy.So she told me she had planned a hike for big basin national park which is located in the Santa Cruz area.She said we were doing 10miles round trip which is not bad but you know it’s pretty long.I woke up dragged myself outta bed and drove to the meeting place the ride to the place wasn’t bad until we hit the hills and I literally wanted to throw up luckily I didn’t we did the hike it took about over an hour not to complete the 10miles but more like five since the plan changed when we arrived .The hike wasn’t as steep which I liked but it was intense enough to keep me warm because the weather was freezing for a summers day.

After the hike we drove to fafala which is a chickpea based ball that is best for vegetarians a middle eastern food.Which I kept it to basic chicken 🍗 sandwich and fries .On the drive back I literally knocked out which was ice because I needed that rest after the drive.Yet when I arrived home it started pouring a storm everyone on social media was losing there collective shit like oh my god it’s raining in June bla bla.Glad it didn’t rain on the hike or the drive home but man the rain was 😜 wild.