February has kicked off in full gear. It also seems like it’s going by quickly, it’s not holding itself back. My week seemed so hectic I felt I had a million and one things going on. However this week I was very blessed because I was able to see many familiar faces. I caught up with my lovely old navy peeps we headed out for pizza because since I had been on whole 30, I had been craving pizza like crazy. I also ended up going to see the little mermaid musical it was amazing! I loved it…. However I will admit the singing was not the best last year my friends and I had seen our local production in town and their signing was so much better. I also visited my old boss and we caught up she’s a true mentor, it’s nice to still have your old boss to help and support and guide in one’s new endeavors. I also ended up seeing one my favorite people Maira since I’ve been eating horrible this week we hit up the habit and had milkshakes earlier in the week, and had a nice over due conversation.

Like I mentioned before this week was hectic I felt I was losing a million and one things at work and home. I ended my week by trying a new fast food place Chick-fil-a and well let’s say it’s just amazing. I love it; it feels like healthy fast food. If you’ve never had the chance to try it’s def the much needed trip to try. As the week comes to an end Super Bowl is tomorrow, my best friend and brothers girlfriend went for a hike, for my friend and I this is the third week in a row that we hit this same hike. I must admit it’s addicting. As I end my Saturday night I have high hopes for the new week, since thankful I’ll be off on Monday thank the heavens.

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