Greetings my fellow, readers, bloggers and lovers. So a few years ago I started blogging all my crazy thoughts and feelings. I would write about mostly love problems but than again, everything in a poetic way (well that’s what I thought) and kept them hidden from the public view. Any way since last September I decided to branch out my blog and start writing about my brave diaries.

The solid purpose of my blog started, was I wanted to track my life events for my personal use. As my brother told me geesh just write in a diary. So I started writing and I truly enjoyed it. I decided to own my own name My Brave Diaries. I hope you will come along and joy my journey in this new start of my blog .The focus of the blog will have a little of my day by day adventures, travels, my hobbies D.I.Y (DO IT YOURSELF) and cooking and lastly my journey with fitness. But simply enjoying the day-by-day struggles and fragments of what one-day I hope will become a best seller.


Later Welcome to MyBraveDiaries.com ahoy to this new journey.


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