Best Friends


We’ve heard that as time progresses friends come and go. As I’ve aged gracefully, I can testify the previous statement mentioned is true. People change, time changes, time does not stop, and people tend to travel different paths and interests change. The key word is change and change sometimes can’t revert itself to it’s original form.

I remember my first  friend in preschool was Lillian Carrasco; she was my first friend at school, ever. Later when I entered elementary my best friends, in order of grade became Reyna Harris (Kindergarten), which was my first friend that didn’t speak Spanish. My friendship with Reyna was awesome our moms did a lot of things together and she had a little sister named Andrea, that hung out with my little brother. Later in first grade I was a friend with Erica K, we had such a great friendship, however she was much smarter than me and got moved to gate classes. Later my best friends became Krystal, Anna, Esmerlada and Lucy. In middle school, friends changed again, Christina Kristina B, Reyline (we were detention buddies because we were late to school/violated uniform), Derly and Cynthia. High school came and again change, I made different friends I stayed friends with Christina, Krystal, Kristina and Cynthia and Derly, and added Mariela to my best friend list. Mariela and I stayed friends after high school for a short while but again change came.

My so-called friends where, people I stayed friends because school had brought us together. Things have changed of course, some of these people that where important in shaping my friendships to now, I must admit I hardly even speak to them or just follow via social media or don’t even speak to at all, I believe Christina is the only one I still have a close relationship. It’s crazy to look back and say I was a best friend with that person in a pass life, however it’s true.

I believe that as we age we also value more the people we allow into our lives and cherish their friendship even more. If you end up seeing a friend blasted from the past, be excited to see them, unless the end of your friendship was a mess. Than in that case keep your hater comments to your self and be an adult. Lastly congrats to the Denver Broncos wining Super Bowl 50 in my golden California State.


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