Weekend not going as planned I can literally write 1000 words to explain my feelings for this weekend. My weekend started low-key I didn’t have very high expectations for the weekend however I did have many plans but what seemed to be planned was not going as planned.I’ll start this blog talking about Valentine’s Day.

So my boyfriend and I had decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day a day early because let’s face it on Valentine’s Days trying to do something that day it’s nearly impossible and insane.So here goes my rant about being unhappy with crowded places and not being able to enjoy a nice quality dinner.I hate the idea that I have to celebrate a day before or celebrate a few days after.

We headed to old Sacramento to try a place I had been dying to try since ever.Traffic was light weather was perfect but when we got there we were told we had a three hour wait my heart dropped as I was expected and my little dream of eating at Joe’s Crab Shack died.

We left.Disappointed we were we searched a couple places in Sacramento but we didn’t want to even try and be disappointed once again. We ended up having some good burgers and called it a day. We even created a rap song about how we hated Valentines.

Anyways I’m just upset that I couldn’t eat and enjoy a nice dinner sigh maybe next year I’ll have more luck or maybe next year I’ll believe once again in the magic of Valentine’s Day .I wanna send a message to the world that even if your day doesn’t go as plan still have faith and never stop loving what you love. I’ve always loved and believed in Valentine’s Day since I was a kid.:) 


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