Exploring San Francisco thru public transportation 

Oh San Francisco !

So on Sunday one of my close friends and I decided to go out to San Francisco and visit the Walt Disney family museum.I had never visited the museum before it was definitely my first time.I was excited to visit as a Disney lover myself.We decided to drive up to a close Bart station to avoid driving in the city.
As I’m writing this down and as that day ended I was thinking what a mistake that was.We arrived to the city early ,we got off at embarcadero and than walked to pier 39.The walk from embarcadero to pier 39 is not a short one but we made it.

Once at the pier we asked to see what was the easier route to the museum they told us we needed to walk a short distance and catch bus 47.We were so excited to explore San Francisco they public transportation.We caught the bus and got off on the wrong stop.

Since we got off on the wrong stop we walked around to try to find the stop where we needed to catch the second bus. However there was no signs for the second bus. The second bus we needed to catch was a free bus that was going to take us directly to Presidio Park. We walked around and asked a few people but no one seem to know nothing and everyone was very rude. He walked around the same block for about 30 minutes. After not knowing where exactly this presidio park bus was that luckily a taxi came by the bus stop he stopped it we asked for a quota and we were determined to get to Walt Disney family museum.
 Once at the museum we looked around ,we learned a lot about Walt’s early life before he started making movies. Presidio park is beautiful I definitely want to go back and take pictures because it’s truly beautiful. However presidio park is immense so we walked out of the park and we were dying ,hungry, thirsty ,tired we could cannot even look at a map to see how to get back to Bart station.

Once outside of the park we found food literally outside the park a small place called avelion pizza.The pizza was let me put it in simply words “great”.Later we Mmanaged to get on the correct bus. However little did we know that our adventure was not ending peacefully just yet. We got on the bus that would take us straight to Bart station however we were on the bus for an hour due to San Francisco traffic. When we finally made it to BART station I was happy that this public transportation adventure I had ended.

It was fun,memorable, a little bit crazy but a good learning experience .Till next time San Francisco .

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