My friends are…..

Have you ever thought we are aging too fast?

I believe in recent years this thought has crossed my mind a few times.Than again I have been aging myself of course we all are by the minute ,sometimes gracefully and others not so much.I think this year  my friends and I have set some concerte goals of things we want to reach  and obtain from traveling to being more fit ,taking care of ourselves ,finding ourselves  and just enjoying life a little more and being present.

In this day in age when working and trying to take care of yourself becomes almost impossible it’s important to still be present.Today my friends and I decided to drive out to have lunch with one of our friends that didn’t have the day off.We had lunch and exchanged gifts for valetines day.The idea was to get each other something small or make something for each other. It was fun to have a change and be able to do that for one another.(it was almost like Christmas again) 

Try to be more present create new routines change your routines.Have lunch together when you can.Have D.I.Y. Dates (I’m still hoping to do this soon).GO hiking be outdoors be present.Because time is passing and before you know it,you’ll have kids or married or simply exploring the world or starting a new career and sometimes you won’t be able to do the same things with friends. So always change things so your friendship doesn’t change .


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