Free Chipotle

Good evening

Is it friday yet….nope! however it’s finally Thursday and I must admit the weather we are having in north California has been amazing. I love looking out to the open fields and roads filled with life and blooming. Yesterday my college friends and I met up for a good catch up dinner at Chipotle. It had been one of our friends birthday a few days ago so my other friend and I thought it would be nice to get her a balloon and some cake.

We arrived to Chipotle and my friend was in charge of the balloon and myself of the cake. When she walked in she gave her the balloon. The chipotle employees were really sweet they said happy birthday and said, we got you, your burrito is free. And indeed my friend’s burrito was free. So my messages is show up to your local chipotle and have a happy birthday balloon with you in hand and bam free burrito, well the cost of your burrito will be that of your balloons please try and purchase it somewhere cheap like dollar tree.

Needless to say this week has dragged, so long and for some reason I’m just so tried I could sleep into next week literally. Well since I’m too tired to continue I’ll sign off here and stay tune for the weekend adventures.

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