I wasn’t expecting that

Yesterday was a crazy busy day for me. I spent my morning at staff training which after doing it for six hours it becomes utterly draining. I got home changed and headed off to Oakland with my best friend to see Vance Joy preform. I initially was exited for the concert back in October because Elle King was on tour with him and I was obsessed with her song x’s and o’s. Later as the concert came closer I found Jamie Lawson was preforming as well and that’s what got me more excited.

Anyways we got to Oakland made it the venue had pretty good seats and waited for the show to start. Jamie Lawson preformed first like expected however I was so disappointed with his stage lighting. However his performance did not disappoint at all. He was, amazing, his vocals, his stage charisma was beautiful. Elle King made it to the stage and she has the personality all girls wish they had the audacity to have. She is very blunt during her performance she cursed a couple times because of the malfunctions going on with her instruments. Leave it to Elle King to make the best out of the situation.

Lastly Vance Joy the one everyone one was waiting for and the one I just wanted to hear his hit single “riptide.” Made it to the stage, I was blown away by his performance and man his stage lights where on point. I enjoyed his performance but of course Jamie Lawson had my heart. My friend and I headed out the venue right as Vance Joy played his last song. My friend headed out towards the Bathroom and I wasn’t expecting to actually see and meet the one and only Jamie Lawson. He was adorable really, shy I asked him what inspired him to write, “I wasn’t expecting that” he said it was from something from conversation he had with a friend.As we walked out the venue my heart was full and complete because I wasn’t expecting that.


We left the upcoming hipster city of Oakland,leaving behind the lights and heading to find some food:).

Fox theater
I wasn’t expecting that…. met Jamie Lawson
bff concerts 2016 edition


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