Tio Miguel 50th

Happy 50th birthday……….Yesterday we celebrated my uncles 50th birthday it was quiet the cousin reunion. I must admit I’m still tired from the day before (Saturday), but I survived .My face feels so dirty anyways .My uncle turned the big 5-0 a few days ago but today we celebrated and of course in style. I will give credit that the cake was a masterpiece it was flipping cute! Sadly I wasn’t able to get me a slice of cake big bummer.

I spent my time chatting and catching up with the cousin that I had literally haven’t seen since last weekend. But I also chatted with my cousins I had not seen in a while. As my uncle turned 50, It was great just to be in a family setting, sometimes it feels we go so long without seeing each other than when we do get together as family its always a pleasant time.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before but dam my uncle cake was beautiful. Cheers to all those soon reaching a big milestone like 5-0 or any number.An additional thanks to my uncle and aunt and cousins for having us over even if felix(my brother) and alma (sister) were being super annoying forgive them. Also cheers to leap year an extra day is worth having.

my oldest cousin
my editor
everyone minus me
the cake again
felix gets to touchy
nacho cant take selfies
The cake

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