Because some pieces I read

Because some pieces I read, others pieces I hear, some I create and few pieces I live and all together they create something someone may, remember.


I want to say it was about two years ago, I texted you demanding to see you to return your useless movie, by that time I had kept the DVD for about, four years in my treasure box, literally. Inside the DVD I had the piece of paper where you first wrote your name and number back when we had class. For some reason that day I didn’t want to not have the anything that reminded me of you. We where still playing games like always I thought it were the last time I’d officially see you. I want to say you clearly knew it wasn’t. Headed towards your place right after work like always I was nervous but strongly determined.

I loved your place, it was cute, small with so much character, and I still keep my eye on it hoping it hits the market. Luckily you’re not the owner of it now, maybe on paper but not officially. Anyways you treated me with love that, I always rejected.

Like always you tried to woo me to your games I, had to resist. I remember that day because like all of our encounters they always ended sour because both us where too stubborn. As I just wanted to hand you the movie and leave, that didn’t happen. You tired to kiss me like always but like always because of the situation, I restrained from it. You didn’t like that. You asked me to sit on the couch next to you and as I sat on the opposite side from you. Like a magnet you moved next to me and I pushed you off. You asked me if I wanted a beer I said no. You where drinking a nice cold beer, but how can I think it was nice, if I don’t even drink.

I ended up sitting on the ground. I sat there for two hours as we had an endless conversation. Me asking you for answers and you avoiding them. I wanted to know why after so many years we where still there, looking for each other. Wanting to know about each other still wanting to see each other.

Deep down I wanted to hear, I have feelings for you crazy girl but I’m not willing to admit. All I got where deep stares and always turning the questioning to me like why was I there, I didn’t want to openly admit, “I still love you idiot after all”. But little did I know there were more secrets to this. We looked at each other joked and my questions where left unanswered, as I tired to be sarcastic and mean, you would friendly touch my arm or hit my leg but got no reaction from me other than me moving closer to the door. You looked at your phone, as time was moving, you asked me with an upset expression on your face “why did you come then?”

I got up from the floor and said “I guess I have to leave, this was nice take care “I played with you trying to take a picture you covered yourself as you were upset. I asked “can I get a hug at least” you hugged me and tried to take over me, as I pushed you off, you smiled and said, “ I had to try one last time before you left right?”. As I got closer to the door you opened it and said take care see you soon as you were  heavily pissed.

You know I left leaving knowing in my heart I wouldn’t see him again, but he knew that wasn’t true.

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