25 days till Half

Let me tell you…

So in about three weeks I will be running my first half marathon. Yes this is a super scary thing. It’s official I will be running a whole dam 13miles.As I write this I think its a crazy idea. Well you probably are thinking I’ve been training for months and months or simply I’m just a runner. But if you’ve seen my body you can quickly assume I’m no dam runner. Anyways so like the slacker I’m I just started training for this marathon last Tuesday march 1st giving me only 25 days to training for such event. You may be thinking this is dam crazy and yes it is. I started last Tuesday I must admit most of the week I felt tried and sore, which is normal. I also got those bloody blisters, which now they are healed thank the heavens.

The pros to getting back out there running, I feel good overall, I feel proactive with my fitness, which lately my fitness has been on the low. I’m also amused by how I’ve been able to run the distances I’ve set for myself. Also its helped relived some accumulated up stress.

The cons, its only week one, I feel week two will be harder. In the bigger picture the pain has just started. On numero one blisters suck. On my longest distance this week I encountered two painful blisters. I’ve also noticed that since I started running I literally been really wanting to eat everything in sight literally. I crave everything sweets, drinks and carbs oh my!

Well hoping that the road towards the half marathon is doable, my biggest fear is getting hurt during training .The goal is no specific time frame but just finish the half marathon. In august I’ll participate in my second half marathon in Oakland so lets hope training towards that marathon I’m more responsible and not wait 25 days before to start training.

Below are my weekly stats the longest distance I ran was 4.5 and man I felt so accomplished that day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.25.27 PM


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