Week TWO Struggles


This week has been dreadful in terms of training. The weather and my busy schedule has made it utterly impossible to run long distance I made myself run out there twice this week and only bringing in 3 miles total, well that means it only makes me 10 miles closer to my goal. As spring break gets closer I simply can’t wait. I feel I’m stressing out because I suffer from over planning. I find myself over planning for the summer. I miss having nothing to do, I feel as humans we need to give ourselves time to do nothing.

I currently invest a lot of time trying to write my thoughts and ideas because its something I truly want to improve, even when I’m fully open on my blog everything in life cant be said to the wind or can it? Food for thought. Anyways I’m aiming for no more over planning even thought I feel I’m responsible for planning a lot of things that are coming up for me. Maybe this why I decided to be a teacher plan and plan. Sigh enough about my planning obsession.

Anyways I’m hoping the weather gets better and I can be on track for the run I know I wont be fully prepared but my main goal is to finish. Just simply finish running 13 miles, my friend that is also doing the run with me has been training. I feel she has a head up than me because she has been more on it for a few months. I’m so glad she has taken this challenge along with my crazy self and we are planned to do another one in august we will be ready for that one I’m sure. I want to end this entry with a post note when thought this week has not been ideally. A lot of great things have come up.

First it’s raining and I know I said the rain ruing my training bummed me but in California the rain is much needed. It has been raining off and on for the past months and the change have been dramatic you see the fields and its green. I love seeing life all around me the golden yellow fields was killing my soul literally. Also I’m closer to spring break so excited for the spring break adventures and my half marathon. Lastly this week I finalized some summer plans, which excites me to what the summer has in store. Also this weekend its spring forward I love this time of the year because we get more light, initially it’s a bummer because we lose an hour of sleep but essentially we get one more hour of life. Lastly a trivia fact that I learned about this morning there is only three states where spring forward does not occur Arizona, Hawaii.





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