Rainy days

Yesterday one of my best friends and I went off to the bay to check out some galleries. You see she works for a company that makes fancy furniture  there competitor is crate and barrel.The first location we arrived to was small and we looked around.The city was very cute I had been there before for one of my cousins birthdays.I want to go back and get some shopping it looks like a place to get shopping done and enjoy a fancy lunch or dinner.

Unfortunately we checked the galleries walked a little and Bamm the rain hit us luckily we had our umbrellas.As we walked the streets we go so wet and no honestly felt like I was running.We continued to walk the streets browsed for a while and finally ran to  my friends car.

Next we than hit this puertican restaurant which was pretty amazing.The car ride there was about an further to the bay.The drive wasn’t as pleasant because of the rain but I enjoyed the scenery  and and my song was too “el amor no lastima asi”.I must admit when my friend told me about the place I was a bit skeptical .When we arrived to Sol Food there was even a line out the door.As we stood out in the rain couldn’t help and  snap a few selfies.However to my surprise the restaurant was pretty delightful from the atmosphere and the food and it was so busy we had to wait  outside to get in.

On the ride back home we were stuck on rain and sang along to some good Pepe Aguilar and agreed Vicente Fernandez songs are successful because they get to the point.


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