oh missing…

Hello my people…

It’s been a blissful week, part of the week has been crazy, and I sometimes feel I’m having a war with my own thoughts. As the part of the week comes to an end I’m literally two days away from spring break and I can’t wait. Everyone keeps telling me once spring break is gone the rest of the school year goes by like pixy dust literally. So this week I’ve been feeling super nostalgic about Mexico, a lot of my close friends in Mexico have birthdays this month. In past years I would celebrate there birthdays out there with them. I wish I was going to Mexico next week but that won’t be possible sigh. Anyways I’m staring a book club some of my friends have shown interest, I need to find a book that interests me and I’ll soon share the details on that once I get it all together.

Since   I’ve been feeling so nostalgic I’m share some lovely throwbacks of Mexico times with my people. I also want to give a shout to all the March Babies I know, My sister Paulina (March15) My dearest friend Cris (March 13th) My brother which he already got a huge shout out, (March 8th), Maryanna (March 13th) Vivianna (March 1st) and My Tia hortensia (March 26th).


May the rest of your week be awesome.

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