Yes to Zootopia!


The weekend flew out of my hands literally and this month is flying by as well. Does this mean I’m getting older or just busy? I always hear older people say time flies and it’s literally slipping away. Anyways the weekend went by too fast I feel I didn’t do anything. Saturday, I bummed and rested the boyfriend and I grabbed a burger and watched some happy gilmore and did some errands and I finally got these eyebrows tamed. Sunday, today I ran the lowest amount of miles I have in the past weeks 1.55miles.I was drained sigh the race is this upcoming Saturday, I’m hopeful I will finish those 13miles strong.


So today one of my best friends and I headed to the movies to go watch Zootopia.

Zootopia was freakin adorable, my thoughts on it I wanted to cry full blown because the movie was so touching and I  also feel in love with that fox ,Nick Wilde. After watching Zootopia, I found the film had a few hidden and evident messages behind it which I found profound one of them of was we are often stopped in pursuing our dreams because of who we are, based on color, race, gender etc. The second message is things in life are bound to be messy but if you are honest and hard working you will see the means of your work power thru. Third,fear is out there weather we like it or not. I will in no means spoil Zootopia for you but I encourage you to watch this adorable film and dare to dream.

However I will say I’m head over heels in love with the jerk face fox. I don’t know if it’s the fox ways or just Jason Bateman voice that draws me to the character. Overall the character of the fox starts kind of like this guy is a thief but than it turns into can I marry you? The chemistry between officer hop and Nick Wilde is just great which you don’t see a lot in animated films. So my last words are go and watch Zootopia you’ll hear some Sharika jams, you’ll laugh and fall in love maybe even cry and lastly, you catch previews to finding dory. Have a happy happy week, and love the fox.

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