Famous,Free,Oh San Francisco!….


Free things to see in San Francisco,If you ever visited San Francisco CA, or plan on visiting San Francisco you’ve probably have heard of the many things the city has to offer. In addition San Francisco is also know to be one of the most expensive cities in California alone in the U.S. If you’re visiting from outside of the country it’s a little more costly to stay in San Francisco. This past week my siblings and I took a trip to San Francisco checked out four great free attractions and even managed to not pay parking just the bridge toll into the city.

First if your already in the city and have a car please start early to one, avoid traffic and to be able to score good parking. Aim for the two-hour parking places, but caution that if you don’t return to your parking within two hours you will be fined an expensive ticket.

If your heading to the city aim to arrive at san Francisco no later than 9 to avoid traffic and aim for a day during the week best days Tuesday thru Friday.

If you plan on taking the public transportation plan on doing a lot of walking since a lot of these location are very far away and make sure you obtain the proper routes and have cash, the bus do not take credit cards or debt cards.


Lombard Street

Have you ever heard of San Francisco California famous Lombard Street? It’s known to be the world’s most crookest street. It’s a real treat to see this divine masterpiece. The street is pretty immense however the touristic part is actually very short it’s a little bit smaller than block that is actually is crook and it’s a nice garden. The view of the city it self is also breath-taking. One of my favorite parts is definitely the flowers and the greenery that fills the street. I would also like to mention that the houses are very beautiful and if you know a little about housing in san Francisco you can imagine that those houses are ridiculous expensive, maybe Kardashian budget.

We spent about a little less than an hour going up and down the street. We watched the houses, the street and hoping that we could get a good shot. Arrive early because this location does get busy with traffic of both people and cars and you cant get the best pictures with crowds everywhere.


San Francisco Golden Gate

We got really close to the bridge but not close enough we parked in the Fine Palace of Arts in San Francisco and walked about a mile. This attraction and view is the best because you avoid a lot of the traffic of people trying to see the bridge but you do get great shots of the water and a close enough. We walked about two miles round trip to the car and to the closest we could get to the bridge. I want to say I enjoined seeing the water and seeing the bridge from a far.

Painted Ladies

I hope you’ve heard of the famous 90’s show full house that takes place in San Francisco.The painted ladies is a the shot that is seen in the show where the main characters live. The design of the homes is truly a treat. The location is located in Alamo square and yes we scored again with free parking. Depending on where you park you may find yourself walking up or going down a steep road. We sat right in front of the painted ladies and enjoined the view the place wasn’t utterly busy but I heard people saying it’s amazing how relaxing it is to look at buildings.


Billy Goat Park

Billy Goat Park is located in the northern part of San Francisco, from this location you can appreciate the city from a nice calm park. My motive for going here was for the famous swing that lets you view the city in its element. Lets face it how cool is it to swing and have the city as your aim. We arrived there again got pretty lucky with parking however we didn’t find the swing, the swing has now been removed however you still get a killer view.

I hope you are able to try out these places and let know which is your favorite mine is a tie between, Billy goat and Lombard ahhh…… I don’t know I pretty much loved all of them and I was glad to be able to see a lot in so little time. That’s key for san Francisco you want to see the most in little time because there is simply so much to see there you want to truly take advantage of it all whether your visiting or staying for a week.



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