They say….


They say make plans and god will most likely laugh at them. This is actually somewhat how my spring break is going but I’m being a tad dramatic, as my close friends would say. Yes I’m being dramatic but I feel like I put so much effort into trying to make my spring member able, that I’ve made myself utterly busy. I feel I have down time but not enough or not well used. I don’t know, I think I’m just currently in an awful state of mind feeling not so bright. But I’m going over my highlights of my break because honestly there hasn’t been little to no set backs at this point.


So during spring break, I’ve been so lucky to have the chance to catch up with some of friends that one, I haven’t seen in ever or simple it was time to see each other again. This is the problem when, someone becomes a responsible adult you, just get so busy its hard to catch up with people.


I’ve been able to run and still prepare for my half marathon this upcoming Saturday. I’m excited, scared all at once, I feel deep down inside I’ve been waiting for this day for too long, wish me luck on Saturday I believe my biggest concern is getting hurt on Saturday but I just want to finish strong.


I’ve also spent most of my week thus far getting together my soon to be book club and simply just getting back to the library habit. It may sound odd but I feel over the years I’ve lost so much of that habit of being able to read for fun. Either it was being in these toxic relationships, or simply to busy with work and life That I stopped reading or simply didn’t get myself that time. I probably stopped reading before I graduated high school because I got busy. Than I didn’t pick up until two years into college when I dated someone that loved reading. I was able to read for a short period of time while with that person but after that ended, I fell into not picking books again. Unless it was for school, which I would skim not read or unless my friends would highly recommend me a book but I didn’t do it for my own will. So, enough of my issues because we would be here forever. Anyways the book club is coming along and I’m excited to actually have a few friends that want to be apart of a book club.

I’m wrapping it up right here because for some reason I’m either not feeling like continuing or simply feel I’ve lost the direction of this post. But if you’re on spring break please enjoy it start setting your goals for the summer. I’ll give you this piece advice you can follow it or simple knowledge it “be honest with your self and chase what you want”.


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