My First Half Marathon


So I finally completed my first half marathon this past weekend. It’s truly a dream come true to be able to join the half marathon club. You see a few years ago I wanted to venture into this club. My  friend at the time was into running like myself he had told me about the Davis Moonlight half marathon. During that time I was running 5k in early 2012,I was actually running pretty often. So for me to participate in Davis moonlight half marathon in 2013 was something I really wanted. However that didn’t happen in February in2013 I got hurt and I was simply discouraged to continue, I even flaked on the run.

Anyways so this past 2015 my best friend and I wanted to set a challenge for ourselves we wanted to dare ourselves to run a half marathon. We both signed up for the peace in love run in Sacramento, let me tell you that the medals totally sold me. We signed back in November and I was horrible I didn’t train till literally 25days prior to the run. I ate clean in the month of January but literally struggle to keep up February and march.

So to the day of the race, I had been training for three weeks hitting my longest distance at 6 miles, and running a constant 3miles to 4miles daily I rested a few days before the run but we ended up in San Francisco the day before and the streets there are some what steep my legs got it the next day. In addition for some reason the night before the race I couldn’t sleep for nothing. I literally got only five hours of sleep; I also felt bummed that there were no bananas for breakfast, I had egg whites and grilled ham.

When we arrived to the race I was a little nervous not so much for not finishing but simply for just starting. The race started I hit my Pandora to the sharakia station and jogged, the first song that came on was try everything from zootopia for some reason this song got me thru the race and those thirteen miles. I paced myself my main goal was to finish and not stop no matter how long it took. During the race many people would pass others and me up where too close during the first five miles. As I hit six miles I felt my stomach feel upset, but I told myself dude your just halfway thru and need to keep going, I saw mile 7 and 8 and the race seemed a little for heavy. The race took place along a river and the weather was just perfect. It seemed like I couldn’t feel the wind or the sun. As I kept going trying to stay strong hitting miles 11, I wanted to walk but I kept telling myself just two more miles. As I hit mile 12 I felt the next mile was long and both short, its funny as I got closer to the finish line I saw people that where finishing walking with a banana and bread and gosh I wanted it. I finally saw my best friend hitting the finish line and I was right behind her ended my first half marathon in 2hrs and 40mins non-stop I was a happy person.

After ending the race and getting to the finish line I got my medal of course and a banana I sat and my legs felt it. I was happy but very in shock that I had hit this milestone. I was in pain for the next two days but I’m currently feeling better. Will I run another half marathon, yes I will hope to finally do the moonlight in July but if not I’ll see Oakland in august.

Lastly my 5 reasons to venture on running a half marathon

1.Reason numero, its a challenge that you set for yourself, 13miles is a long distance training for it is hard but it gives you discipline.

2.You join the half marathon club

3.You feel accomplished, stronger and you lose some fear, during my training my best fear was not to finish and to get hurt, after I felt stronger than before.

4.It’s a milestone in your life, the first time you cross the finish line of your half marathon.

5.Do it, just try and do it.


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