Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

I  was finally able to witness the beauty of,Beauty and the Beast.I must admit it’s officially one of my all time favorite Disney movies. My friend Lenya had fallen in love with the little mermaid production in our hometown and found tickets to the San José Theater for Beauty and the Beast. For some reason every time my friend Marath and I planned to do something in San José it always ends  weird. So we headed to San Jose, CA with enough time to spare to get us to the theater on time but for some reason there was traffic ,accidents and we merely made it to the show. The theater was gorgeous very wide and spiral.However they had some odd rules like no eating in the theater and everyone was eating. I enjoyed the play even though,I was a little disappointed that the prince wasn’t as charming,in addition belle’s dresses weren’t so flattering. I most definitely loved  Lumere, Clogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip were my favorite without a doubt.

The first half of the play was great! I headed to the restroom and the line was enormous but it went by really quick , right after I got in line to get a snack, lets just say they ran out of the snack I wanted and I was told I couldn’t eat the food in theater all kinds of disappointment. My friends and I agreed that the second half of the show seemed very rushed like they were trying to get to the end of the story. I also felt a little cheated on my favorite song “Something there”, I was expecting them to sign the song for a little bit longer but that song was cut short too. Other than that the play was very much enjoyable the sets where very well put and the transitions were very smooth you could tell they put a lot of work into it.I always recommend others to go to the theater even, if your not the theater type, it gives people some sort of appreciation towards the art.

After the play we headed to the mall to look for some stuff and headed to get some food. That I must admit I was starving for some reason I had not eaten well all day and I wasn’t even able to eat at the theater. My friends got Vietnamese sandwiches and I got chipotle we ate outside enjoyed a little of the sun as it was coming down. We ended the trip getting some freshly baked desserts and headed back home. On our way home I annoyed I fellow snap chatters will my friends mostly me sang our hearts out to Taylor swift. Good night my people feeling really tired and tomorrow feels like a great day to wash my mad love and get some running and start reading for my book club.


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Beauty and the Beast


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