Sacramento capital city!

Hello I feel I haven’t been able to just sit down and write my thoughts. Currently life feels like its going by super fast and I have so many things to do and so little time. Meaning my days just feel cut short or simply, I have little energy to do much. Well enough of that…I’m currently eating some carrots; two longs ones to be exact and sipping on raspberry tea.

Now let me tell you a little about my Sacramento adventure, I recently started working in the Sacramento area and I’ve slowly started venturing out to explore some its corners. Sacramento is huge and I often, feel it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Many times when people think of visiting California the golden state they focus on only visiting, Los Angeles (Disney, Hollywood) and San Francisco.My old Italian teacher once told me that when she heard of the visiting the United States all she knew was New York and San Francisco.Furthermore Sacramento is the capital of such beautiful state it obviously, has plenty to offer as well.

This weekend my best friend and I accidentally stopped in Sacramento. We first headed to midtown, which I must admit is one of my favorites because it has so many cute little restaurants. Another plus about midtown is the tree; the view of the trees is simply pleasant. Well lets be honest Sacramento is the city of trees so trees are a jewel of the city. My friend like always is getting recommendations about places and of course she has to try them because people tell them there amazing. So we walked to “Zocalo” I to had heard amazing things about “Zocalo”. Zocalo was a Mexican restaurant located in mid town in Sacramento if you check yelp you can tell it has 4.5 stars. The ambiance was pleasant it was a very nice looking restaurant I feel in love with the fountain with rose petals. However when I looked at the menu nothing seemed amazing it seemed basic, you have to see I’m Mexican myself so my standards for Mexican food are up the wall. It was a little pricey for midtown prices especially being Mexican food. Anyways I didn’t want to order anything cause honestly nothing seemed good to me I settled for the small cup of pozel for 4.95 which is a striking deal. The pozel smelled amazing but it taste like carne con Chile which is just meat with sauce it hardly had any soup in it. Will I return to Zocalo maybe not unless I’m on a date or something my friend wasn’t so happy with her food either however the location is beautiful. So if your dying to go to Zocalo just go and order something and enjoy the atmosphere its lovely, because your right next to the capital that view is beautiful.

So after eating a bite at Zocalo we walked to the capital parked enjoyed every corner literally. We started with the rose garden, which is divine because it smells like fresh roses. We took pictures and walked to the front of the capital took some fun pictures and simply acted like little kids that no one knew. Sometimes you need to act silly in a different city and have fun. As we were taking pictures a gentlemen asked to take our picture and he was from Alabama it was to funny. We walked back to our car and said good-bye to the capital it was nice just to wonder and act silly.

I’ll end this adventure of Sacramento up to this point.Stay tune to find out the rest of my Sacramento’s adventure and where we found the best ice cream. Good night



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