Summer bucket list 

Summer is literally seven weeks away and as I lay in bed I can’t believe it’s so freakin close.My summer is pretty jammed packed but I still want to create a list and summer goals for myself.Frist of all I want kick off the summer celebrating my brithday all month,yes I’m crazy stay tune for that madness lol.Below is my summer bucket list start creating your own and share please.

Summer bucket list 2016

*Star gazeing  at night in a big city eating ice cream


*Bike riding with friends

*Night baseball game

*read a few novels

*improve my blog

*take a picture each day

*enjoy the heat

*water hose fight

*impromptu photoshoot

*run down miracle mile

*yell in a public place

*skip in a public place like I’m five years old

*train for my half marathon

*make a rag doll

*change my wardrobe

*be kind

*write letters

*write to a publication

*do volunteer work

*cook a meal for someone

*Have a random party

*scavanger hunt

*blow bubbles

*ballon fight

*thrift shop

*road trip


*make Popsicles


Any more things I should add before the summer gets here????

I ‘ll keep adding a few more as I go….:) hopefully the bucket list is complete 🙂

Night world

Make your own summer bucket list

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