Let, me just Facetime the Sunset!!

It’s Monday and how do I dread them, my Mondays are so long but once their over the weekend is literally closer.

As my workday ended, I got home and I couldn’t help but look at the sky, it was so beautiful very mesmerizing. The sky was a dense, dark blue almost like it had just rained or it was going to. The sun was slowly coming down, and, as it made itself down it gave the sky shades of pink, purple and bright orange. I was to in love not go enjoy it for myself. I decided in the last 45 minutes before the sun came down I would go for a walk to enjoy it.

I went for a walk and I wanted to show one of my friends how beautiful my view was, but they told me they where driving so, I decided man they really need to see this I sent them a clip 20 seconds of awesome. I, than sat near the rocks by the river and admired the sunset and said let me Facetime some people. So I literally went through my contact list and face time everyone I could. You see I only had like 24 percent battery life left on my phone. I made a few calls and no answers, (you’ll missed it). But I only shared the sunset with three of my friends and they love it.

I’m a big sucker for sunsets and clouds literally, below I’ll share some pictures of the sunset, So use Facetime once in a while to do random things like showing someone the sunset for your view. Have a lovely week my peoples.


The picture doesn’t do it justice



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