Little things about me..

I’m the eldest of three siblings

I miss my Jeep

My favorite color is green

Currently obsessed with french fries and Asian salads,and cookies

I love glitter, glue and stickers

My favorite cookie is chocolate chip

My first job was working in a snack bar at school

I enjoy long bike rides and jogging outside

I’ve crossed  San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge on a bike

My favorite cousins are…Paola and Jose (dad’s side) …Ale and Ceci(mom’s side)

My best friends are Marath, & Guadalupe…

I kill for deep dense blue skies

How I met your mother is my favorite show of all time literally!

I owed my first digital camera at 14(I thought I was cool)

My first kiss was at 14 in a half…on June 17th

I’ve been on a motorcycle  (I don’t know if I’ll ever ride one again)

I’ve ran my first half marathon training for my second one

I’ve seen Taylor Swift in concert

The furthest I’ve traveled is Cancun, Mx

My childhood singer was Selena,I still love her music

I  believe in love

I enjoy watching novelas and reading long books

My favorite month is March,no my birthday is not in March

I love my birthdays,I celebrate all month (no joke)

I would like to be a mom one day…

I have a thing for eyes

I’m a fearful person,I fear the unknown

Seeing clouds produce an unstoppable sighs

I believe in dreams

I plan on traveling and exploring the world

Baking use to  make my heart full

I love skipping

I’m currently reading “me before you”

Started my own book club (haven’t yet had an official meeting)

My favorite Brother is Felix Alberto Maravillas

I started thrifting

I have a passion for photography

I love arts and crafts

People say I look like jane the virgin

I became a Niner fan

I love Stephen Curry and his wife:):)

I love pizza and wings( according to some people everyone does)

I love my parents home town (Lagos de Moreno)

My grandpa is the coolest …….Jose Felix Maravillas

I don’t believe drama just kidding hahahahahahaha but really I don’t

Someone converted me to Star Warism

I’m annoying sometimes

I’m rarely dramatic

My favorite uncle is………..

I love to sing but can’t hit no notes

I love flowers

I’m a lover

Growing up my Tio Kalen was one of my idols

I have a weakness for bread

Recently discovered Senorita Bread

I adore seeing the sunset fall ,and being near the waves

I’ll see Europe one day

I speak Italian



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