Why thrifiting is cool

I must admit I never thought I’d say this but thrifiting is pretty cool.I was telling an old buddy how I recently found a love for thrifting.I’m no expert on the subject but I’m excited for this new adventure of thrifiting I’m slowly making trips to thrift shops and just exploring.I’ve come up with a small list of things I’ve learned in this short time.

1 set a budget when thrifiting 

2 don’t make impulse purchases

3 be careful on cost  make sure it’s not a price set  over what it would cost brand new

4 brands are so exciting but don’t let, that let you pay more

5 try things on and double check for stains and rips

6try and go early  before noon

7have an idea of what you are looking for before hand

8 be open to try new things 

9 do research on your local goodwill a thrift shops and stores of that sort

10.make sure to wash your garments before wearing them try and wash them separately 

11 have fun shop alone…..or with a friend

12 find ideas online to change your wardrobe to make your thrift closet timeless
Night I’m excited for this adventure  as I continue to learn more about thrifiting  stay tune !!!!

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