Me before you-Book Review

Attention: If you are a part of my book club please, don’t read this review below or else!

Me before you was the book I selected for my book club and the first book for everyone to read. I found a lot of places raving about this book and I’ll be honest I judged a book by its cover and the cover was simply amazing. It’s a red cover with beautiful handwriting, its very inviting. Well enough of that lets get into the book.

Me before you

Originally published: January 2012

Author: Jojo Mayes

Followed by: After You

Adaptations: Me Before You (2016)(cant wait, will be coming out during my birthday month)

Page count: 480



Below I’ll list reasons I loved this book and reasons you should pick up this book too.


1.It’s a love story, which most girls are suckers for love stories however I found myself identifying close to the characters of the story because they where close to my age. The love behind this story proves that long can be so strong and so selfish at times. I strongly believe that when love is felt like the way in the book its can be truly blind and sees all the good in the bad.

2.I loved the protagonist of the story; it gave me insight to what older guy knowledge has to offer to a younger girl. I loved that Will pushed Louisa to explore and widen her horizons

3.It made me cry, yes it made me cry because this story does end sad but I felt so close to the characters that I felt just like the character Louisa why are you breaking my heart. But than I also understood that when you love someone you truly want what is best for him or her. Learning that in life and love you have to do what’s best for you and your loved ones.

4.It’s a very witty story there’s a lot of humor and laughter.

5.It takes place in London it provides some cool words and knowledge about London as Americans we are blinded from.

6.You will love and hate will both at once.

7.It made me believe that love is so unexpected and it’s okay to change your plans your thoughts and push. I loved the message of improving a women an individual to grow to see beyond what’s in front of them to challenge their thinking.

8.You’ll learn from whom you least expect it when you least expect it.

9.Go pick up this book now

10.Soon to be a motion picture (movie June 3, 2016)

Untitled design

Lastly I’ll rate these book four stars out of five just because it made me cry. The writing was very good it was an easy read, but I will admit I felt I was out of shape when reading. The last time I had read a book from cover to cover was literally in 2009, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. Well goodnight and give your self sometime to read me before you before the movie hits theaters.

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