Another weekend has gone by and I can’t believe summer is almost here. I feel this weekend was not as productive as I wish it could have benefits of all, I had to work on Saturday and that took most of my day. Second I felt extremely rushed on Satruday, While I was at work just traveling with in elk grove I felt so annoyed but all its traffic all I kept telling myself was I will not move to elk grove I dread its traffic. I spent the rest of Saturday after work with my one of my best friends we went to some function. After Saturday came Sunday and I spent time with my family but it seemed so boring. I felt everything I ate on Sunday was not making me happy. For starters the menudo I had in the morning wasn’t making the cut. Than I didn’t really have lunch other than a drink for lolicup it was literally a buzz kill. I ate dinner and it was a salad from traders Joes which ended up being another disappointment .I went around running errands with my best friend Marath I was trying to make bookmarks and I totally failed I must admit I felt really frustrated that I couldn’t produced an adorable bookmark.
As the weekend went on I couldn’t help but feel a huge sadness in my heart. I must admit I was feeling sad. I just had no motives to really do much and I could see it reflect in everything I did over the weekend. The food wasn’t pleasing me the bookmarks didn’t please me the only thing I remember pleasing me was my loilcup drink on Sunday it tasted amazing. It really did it had a nice milky taste which is rare I’m not a big fan of the tea taste.

As this week starts I look forward to many things, working out aiming to workout at least three times a week, clean my eating that’s been one of my hardest challenges these past months. Also looking forward to my book club meeting I officially gave up on the bookmarks sorry team.
Favorites from this previous week
Te meteiste a song by Ariel Camacho

Pitaya Bowls­Obsessed soon to make a DIY post

Pesto Bagels­tried it and liked them

Working out­even thought my workouts where light they made me happyJ ­ Obsessing over the O.J. Simpson trail


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