Fitness struggles 

Sigh I’ve been on a junk food non-hiatus.Its like some part of my day I’ll have some junk which has become unstoppable.:(.I suppose the positive is I’ve returned to my gym which is truly my happy place .However with work being so hectic these pass couple days I won’t see the gym till Thursday .I must I admit I’ve only been able to make it twice a week to the workouts and it really kills my soul.I want to be able to go and not feel the pressure of everything else going on in my life.I sometimes wish I had more time for myself.
However as insane as it sounds I’m determined to lose 15lbs before my birthday it’s gonna happen.It won’t be easy at all but it will happen my best friend keeps telling we need to lose wieght before the summer and the summer she’s counting calories and wearing her Fitbit where trying just not hard enough.Like they say nothing is free of its worth while.Our fitness journey will balance itself back in the right direction.

Okay I’ll go to sleep now night night 
P.s. I love these memes!!!!

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