So we are all familiar with Facebook reminding us a day like today … became friends with ….or you have this memory ….etc.oh this Facebook jargon!

Today I got a reminder  of this picture.This picture was taken two days after starting my new job at the time. I was so thrilled to start this job that at the time was only a temp position of a month long.This taught me so much in the little time I had this job.I met so many people and it opened my doors into my current carrer.I also made  ever ending friends. I learned so much and I had never felt so valued as an employee I felt important hoesntly.This job changed  for me and I stayed in my position for two and half years.Because three years ago I took this picture a few days before graduating and never expecting the things I would learn on that journey nor the people that would help me along the way.


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