Our Book Club

Book club

Many people believe and have personally told me that book clubs are for “old people” or for “little kids”.

I suppose I always thought book clubs only existed on TV or stories like I had seen on Sabrina de teenage witch. So then the book club idea comes to me, I had always wanted to do something that allowed me to grow intellectually and share my ideas with others and still being able to read. Like I’ve mentioned before I loved reading just never gave myself the time for it’s I finally set a goal for myself to create and start a book club. My little goal finally came together and my book club was formed with lose ends, here and those involved made it to the first meeting as planned.


Tips on how to start a book club



1.Ask a few friends that would be willing to commit to read a book, set a time line preferable a month especially when people are super busy.


2.Select a book for everyone to read.


3.Set a time and date and notify people if their any changes to the original plan also let them know if they need to bring anything


4.Have all members have book in mind for future meeting than draw one out for each meeting


  1. Establish protocols for the club


6.Select a mutual location, if others would like to host the meeting elsewhere when their book is selected that’s allowed]


7.Assing snacks to the person that’s book is chosen

  1. Make sure you have questions prepared for discussion
  2. Start the meeting with an icebreaker to break the ice


10.Make sure a book is selected each meeting and people agree on the date for the next meeting.

  1. Have fun and snap some pictures

I honestly wanted to say the turn out went really well. Mostly everyone had completed the book we got a really good discussion going and enjoyed some good cake. I enjoined being a part of something along with my friends. It allowed me to see another side of them a more intellectual side and allowed them to express their selves. I loved the idea that in the month we read the book we feed our mind something that before we weren’t and I believe just trying to create that habit of reading a book and later talking about it, simply allows us to grow as people and develop those critical thinking skills we sometimes lose in our adult world.

In conclusion first meeting was a success and no protocols were broken and we laughed and left with a smile.


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