May challenge


May starts in a few days literally sigh I honestly can say I can’t believe it. A part of me secretly wishes I were still in March. Forever stuck in the month of March, if we only could. Anyways this pass month I feel I’ve been really excessive simply buying things just because. I feel I’ve been eating out just because I avoided cooking. Honestly all of these excessive things I’ve done this month have had me feeling on edge to a certain degree I feel I don’t value things or simply I’m not enjoying things. So for this up coming month I want to go on a cleanse I feel the need to feel clean. From eating habits to individual habits I’ve created for myself and from spending habits and backing off technology.

May cleanse

Eating habits

No eating out (stay away from the drive thru)

No sugary drinks (no lolicup)

All Cooked meals

Meal Prep

Increase Water intake

Home Habits

Clean bed every morning

Clean desk( it’s a hot mess now)

Pre-plan outfits( it will save me time)

Clean Car

Spending habits

No impulsive purchases

No purchases (that aren’t needed)

Technology habits

Less time spent on electronics a week

Workout habits

Hike on weekends

Workout four times a week

Still train for half marathon

Personality habits

Be kind to others even when they are mean

Write 3 letters

Take care of others

Man after looking at this challenge I already want to quit, just kidding, I feel I need something to push me to do things. I feel I need to invest more time on myself. I feel I don’t take care of myself like I should. This past month instead of taking care of myself I feel I’ve been dragging myself. Sometimes in life we feel so caught up on the day by day that it’s hard to sometimes take our selves. So take your own challenge of habits you wish to change and habits you want to turn into something better just to enhance your state of mind and your soul. Join the challenge do something for yourself and clean your mind and soul and just be the better version of you this May.



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