Motivational Monday


It’s the first Monday of the month and it’s already starting in full gear. Unfortunately I feel this month is going to be so busy. There are endless things for me to do that I kind of just want to leave on vacation now. However I want to stay focus and complete my challenge and goal I’ve set for this month. I’m so proud of myself I didn’t drop by the drive thru today:).

My day was so long today I was yawning through out my whole day. The yawn was unstoppable literally. I got home and took about a ten-minute nap before heading for my workout. My workout was intense I felt my legs falling off my body but it was doable. I got home showered took some pictures and now typing I’ll meal prep for tomorrow even thought I would rather already sleeping but work needs to be done. I may read a few chapters to get ahead on my book this month I’m reading Big little lies since I’m a slow reader I need to get the flow of reading in order to finish.

The week and the month have just started so stay strong on your goals and keep pushing. I’m sharing my workout from this evening. I’m proud I got some good deadlifts in but, what really killed my legs where the wall sits, I felt as if my legs where going to fall off after 30 seconds.

The weekend was good I found a beautiful dress and had some pizza on Saturday before the challenge. So thing I’m finding challenging for far in the challenge is staying on my budget but I must!

Today a friend sent me a song and I feel in love make sure to listen to it.

Gnash – I hate u, I love u (ft. Olivia O’Brien)


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