My Pitaya Bowl (D.I.Y.)

My Pitaya Bowl (D.I.Y.)Recipe

Oh my goodness so I recently discovered and quickly became obsessed with breakfast power bowls like Acai and Pitaya bowls. Because lets face it they look so pretty! And there taste is even ten times more wonderful!!!!

So about a month ago I was hanging out with a friend at Jamba juice and I saw they had these bowls. I wasn’t fully convinced by the Jamba juice version but I was interested. Than I went over to a Nugget market and they had had these bowls on their menu, I must admit the picture sold me. Once I tried the Pitaya bowl I was sold .I was determined to make my own and after about a few weeks looking for pitaya plus I finally was able to order via online.


1-package of Pitaya Plus (order online or use fresh dragon fruit)

½ cup of frozen cut mango

¼ cup of almond milk add more if needed

Mix all in the blender and make sure it stays thick!

In your bowl

2 tabs of granola your choice

2 strawberries cut(add more if you like)

1 to ½ of a banana

Any other fruit

A spoon of chia seeds

Optional coconut shavings and agave

Few Ingredients

Pitaya Plus find  it on Pitaya
1/2 cup of frozen Mango
Before the  blender
Blend away


Making the bowl

Bammm done and enjoy with a spoon make sure to have a napkin near by because the pitaya can stain clothes.



This is truly a treat of a breakfast you can also enjoy this as a midday snack. Its loaded with antioxidants and the dragon fruit helps clean your body. I would limit having this to once a week or twice just because adding lots of fruits can be an excess of sugar (good sugars of course). I had mine today after my Saturday workout and it was truly what I needed it kept me full and happy till lunch.

Bamm make your own DIY Pitaya bowl and start enjoying the amazing benefits dragon fruit has to offer our body and plus its taste divine.

me eating away…:)




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