The good ol’ days….

I came across this fond memory back when I was in first grade.Is it crazy how fast time files I literally still remember being a kid and looking forward to being in 6th grade. It’s amazing to think that when we are kids our world is so small but yet to us it’s a big deal. I loved looking at this picture its not a class picture but its a picture of some of my classmates I wonder where some of them maybe now? .Some I still see in passing and others I haven’t since in more than 10years.Anna the girl in the far back has been in my life pretty as long as this picture was taken, we are both busy people but I love catching up with her by the way Anna this is an open invitation to hanging out soon. I will admit that this picture most likely dates back 20 years ago gosh it makes me feel old. Sharing a marvelous memory of when we where kids back in the 90’s happy Monday to all.

Make sureListen to the song “Stressed out” by Twenty One Pilots.The lyric “Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,” I think fits this picture just perfectly.



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