Thursday News…

Where has the week gone?

Its almost nearly gone and my weekend is looking super busy. I’m trying not thinking or stressing about all my weekend activities. I’m laying on my bed with my laptop on my legs and taking in a big sigh. I must admit I’ve had a busy week but than again I’m falling in this trend that I still don’t have enough time for myself because sometimes 24 hours is simply not enough. This week with all its craziness has been pretty good for me.

  • I’ve managed to make it to my gym 4times a week.


  • I ran a mile today time


  • I finished reading the book for my book club


  • I’ve stayed away from drive thru’s


  • I’ve seen so many old faces


  • Having good conversations


  • Cleaning some of my eating


  • Signed up for a 12k


  • Started making a summer reading list


  • Summer break is literally almost here


  • Crushed by the instagram update oh social media
  • Spending more time at book stores or libraries
  • I fell today!!!!!!!!fun stuff (while running)

Well I’m sign off I’m tried and I feel I’m coming down with a cold which right now with the crazy week end I have lined up it would be not ideal. The weather in northern California has been crazy hot during mid day and freezing in the morning oh the spring struggle. Night world.


a workout from this week


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