Graduation Bliss-Letter to My Brother


You’ve made it!

I know you really wanted me to give a speech for your big accomplishment, however you must understand I was coming down on a cold and we had no microphone at the event.

So this is the part where I’m suppose to say how proud and happy I’m for you, well here it goes.

You’ve made it to this new chapter of your life that you’ve worked so hard for. You’ve pushed yourself and kept going even when you, really didn’t know what was next but you knew. I remember like it was yesterday when you started UC Merced we where all excited but for some reason we knew Merced wasn’t a good fit. I’m kind glad it wasn’t. I know you made long lasting friends and relationships at pacific that never really embarked as well in Merced, I mean you still had friends people talked to you.

I know your journey hasn’t been easy its been filled with some sleepless nights and gray hairs as, proof of college stress. You’ve managed to do what others haven’t even dared to dream. I’ve always admired your sense of organization and critical thinking in terms to life. Your goals are so concert your always-finding new ways to grow. You ask a lot of questions and sometimes leave people with a confused expression (because of the questions you ask). You just want to learn, even if its hard. You worked your way through college managing paying your bills and maintaining  grades, I look around and that’s hard to find in men your age, your killing it brother!

Gosh you’re not perfect! Well we all know that but, we love you with your flaws they make you who you are and your doing a pretty good job at this thing called life.

This past two weeks I did some research, and strolled through you’re past academic life. I had to call some people and than arrange some meet ups and even had my mother and sister help with the load. It was a great adventure to speak with people that seen you through your younger years academically and in your adventures as a working person. We had many laughs from hearing the stories they had about you, but most of all they all shared the expression of proud of your current accomplishments that them to had help formed what you have now become.

Bottom line you know your annoying self has done well and I’m so proud to brag that my little brother is an engineer.

Thanks for giving me that bragging right.Love You LITTLE BROTHER!


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