Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers

Where do I being?

If you’ve never heard of bay to breakers it’s a famous run in San Francisco,CA that crosses thru the city ending at the beach,which is 12kilometers long(7.5miles).It’s a wild run where costumes are highly encouraged and embraced where, some go naked and others drink and party away while running. This run has been happening in San Francisco for about a hundred and fifty years. So at the end of last year I read up on this crazy run it was one of the things to do at least once in your lifetime as an experience. So I singed up!

And of course I dragged my best friend along too, I was so excited to dress up and she made an adorable costume and I ended up with a lame-o Winnie the pooh, I was so disappointed in my costume but my friends looked amazing! (She made an adorable eeyroe skirt and ears and all). Like I said when it came time to make my costume it just didn’t end like I expected it to maybe, next year I’ll be a little more successful.

So, I was expecting mad craziness, expecting to see excessive naked people and more grossness than anything but, it was okay we did see a lot of cute costumes, which sparked a lot of ideas. Over all the costume viewing was cool I wishing I could have just snapped more pictures of people well done costumes.

The run it self wasn’t horrible but I didn’t like the feeling of feeling like, I was one running away or playing dodge ball as I ran. The hardest part of the run was running up the hill on a street, we had to walk I think I specifically told my friend “lets walk this part my calf’s hurt so much”. We walked a lot of chucks because of there were loads of people, which was expected. However we managed to still finish in an hour and 30mins it wasn’t the best time but we finished and we weren’t dying.

At the finish line we got our shirts our medal and a few good snacks I feel in love with the pea snaps chips must try them. Luckily the run provided free transportation to the Bart and we headed back home the down side was having to awake up at 5am to be in the city by the time the race started which was all good. Hoping next year bay to breakers is better and I compete to a cuter and more established costume (Marath your costume was still amazing0.

If you’ve never heard of bay to breakers check it out and yes try to do it at least once live the experience of seeing some crazy people and yes naked ones to in the city of san Francisco California.

Night world





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