Meanwhile…He writes

Hey you….

That’s what you always called me or over emphasize my last name”….. “as it has a nice ring and I’m in shock you still remember. It’s been about a year since we last seen each other and lot of me has changed and yet a lot of has still remained almost the same. Lately I’ve been doing more things that use to make me happy. I think these are the things I would say to you. I would brag about my job to make myself and assure that I’m smart and valuable. Perhaps I’d mention my upcoming adventures to prove that I’m not letting life slip by. My life has gotten better since you last since seen me, and since you walked in my life. My life yet has been moving forward but than I would ponder as I stare into his eyes and wonder .But I still haven’t forgotten him. He’s still their freshly painted and the thought of him lights my heart even when I want to dim it with a sad memory.


I wonder how you are in your new home new life and new city and I know you’re not happy you pretend to be happy. Because if you weren’t you would have to admit to yourself you gave up a lot for nothing and would be too shameful for your pride.

Will we even see each other again I want to say  never again but I’m never sure?

Meanwhile he writes his thoughts as he is singing along to Kid Cuid on the pursuit of happiness. He glances at the phone, she hasn’t replied to him. He only sees the picture of the river and the California poppies he took a few weeks again. He glances again at the phone and nothing his mother sends a picture of his daughter. He hasn’t seen her in two weeks and misses her, his hoping to see her this week to see her and a maybe she the girl that doesn’t reply to him once again. He stares at his computer screen and pours his feelings.

“I’m a sad person…caged by the will of another. There is no key to set me free. At times I just want to be me…to be me. Threaten me with another act of humiliation and despair “figure out how to get gas yourself tomorrow”. She says this with the intention of causing me anxiety…The most common symptom of her presence.”

She looks up and see’s his message there he is again and quickly slides the message over and presses ignore.



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