Just One Day – Book Review

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Just One day by  Gayle Formen

Pages 369


From the Author that brought, If I stay(now a Movie)

Just One day Review

The story focus on a girl named Allison that just graduated from high school and is currently in Europe on a travel tour with her best friend. On her tour she’s seen great things but she’s not fully satisfied or is too afraid to say she not happy in Europe. She is bummed her tour had to cut out their last stop in Paris due strikes happing in Paris. The second night before she is due to leave she is scheduled to be at a Shakespeare play “hamlet “however she choose to go to outside theater play of Shakespeare on the beach of “twelve night “their she meets an actor that leaves her mesmerized. She later needs up running into this same guy later. She starts a conversation with him when she recognized his the one that played Sebastian de night before. He encourages and invites her to venture to Paris just for one day before she has to leave. Allison decides to accept Willem invitation even thought its something not ever like her. She goes by the name lulu she learns a lot about him in just one day but a lot about herself in that day too. Allison steps into explore a side of her she never knew. A series of events happen in this day in Paris, which towards the end leave Allison heart broken and lost. “She lost Willem”. The story follows Allison back in the states of her journey to one try and find herself and on the journey of finding him. The story is left in a cliffhanger because the next book is “just one year” which focuses on Willem side of the story.

There’s so much to this book but this is a little more than the big idea without giving away every detail you have to pick up this book and read it below I’ve listed 7 reasons I loved this book

7 reasons I loved this book

1.Travel– I loved the way the author weaved in the element of traveling. The author points out two ways of traveling the traveling that has every minute planned out like the initial Europe trip or the Cancun trips Allison family use to take. Where everything is planned out and they’re no real room for exploration. The second form of travel is the one on of spare the point like the one Willem seeks for which can lead to troubles and accidents but also a lot of memorable adventures getting lost and learning something new.

It also made me want to travel to new places and find a balance in between both of these types of travel to allow your self to get lost but also know your limits.

2.Going after what you believe following your gut!!!!

Allison goes thru a heart break/depression and even when everyone tells her she’s wrong. To “let it go” she doesn’t she goes thru a sense of trail of error trying to hide her feelings but than again those feelings help her find a part of her true self that she never knew. I honestly think it’s amazing what the things in life do to us, they change us and they drift our paths without sometimes us realizing that it’s for our own good.

  1. Shakespeare

I think we’ve all heard of Shakespeare and either love it or hate it. I think on Shakespeare I felt pretty neutral but after reading this book, I have more respect for it I love how the author allows us to understand Shakespeare a little bit better and uses it to connect the story it literally fits just like a glove into the story.

4.It’s okay to make new plans

I feel sometimes in life we are so stubbed about a plan going a certain way but sometimes we have to learn to color outside the lines like the character of Allison in the book. She was destined to be a pre med student and please her parents but know she finding things she likes and things she’s actually good at.


In college I studied Italian, and in the book the character studied Mandarin cause her parents made her, my parents strongly advice me to take Spanish but in college I had the choice to take Italian which after reading the book I want to pick it up again. Just like Allison she chose to study French to be able to communicate in Paris.

6.Stepping out of your confort zones

The biggest thing holding you down in your comfort zone is fear of seeing brighter lights outside of it. This book makes big stride about exploring outside of your comfort zone from the start of the story.

7.Oh the cliffhanger

The book leaves me in the state what is going to happen next, its almost like the cliff hangers you see in movies or series all that was missing was the letters to be continued, I cant wait to get ahold of the next book.

*Extras the whole thing in the book about “falling in love ” versus “being in love” that idea of discovering that both of those mean two different things.There’s also that  idea that love is something that stains you like a mark that is left behind like chocolate  on your wrist.

Go read this book:):) Happy Saturday!!!!

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