The other day my brother and I decided to go on a short 6 miles hike. We woke up super early and dragged ourselves to Mission Peak ,luckily the  drive was pleasant. As we headed towards Mission Peak(our hike) I could see that the hills where not as green as they were before  just a few months ago(February).The hills looked a burnt yellow as my brother kept claiming there was some green hidden in the hills.We arrived to Mission peak  and I set my map my run before   we begun our hike.I must admit it was hard to go up,well for me it always is,my legs are huge!However the hikes will not get easier if I stop now.My brother and I rested three times on the way up. It took us about an hour and a half to go up.We reached the top took the signature pictures  and quickly made it back down in no time.For some reason going down was a breeze.

We left Mission Peak starving and headed towards to chipotle enjoyed a new warm  and delicious chicken burrito with nice cold water.This is officially the first and last hike of the summer I can’t bare to hike one in the heat or bare to see dry land,because I don’t live in the desert,maybe I’ll wait till october to head back to the hiking trails.I love seeing nature in full greenness,for some reason the dry hills or dry anything just kills my heart.Fortunately the hike was short it didn’t leave me feeling tired the next day as for my lovely little brother that wasn’t the case he was sore for the next three days.However we did manage to hike the 6 miles within 2hrs and 30 mins and burned a little over a 1000 calories according to MapMyRun which is pretty sweet.Hiking is a great way of exercise,if your  lucky to live near a hiking area that’s a plus however if you are within an hour plus of driving distance like myself its best recommended on weekends and early in the morning,it most likely take most of your day.

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