Big little lies-Book Review

Big little lies

Where do I begin….

So Big little lies by Liane Moriarty was selected for this month’s book club. I must admit I was a little skeptical into reading this book. First because my friend wasn’t so sure about the selection and then everyone I had spoken too in the book club hadn’t yet started the book, which made me even more nervous about reading it. I wanted to start right away but I need up picking up the book at the library and that took about a week for me to actually get the book.

So lets dive in!


Big little lies


Originally published: July 2014

Author: Liane Moriarty

Publisher: Penguin Group

Chapter :84

Page count 458



This book was nothing what I expected it to be I must admit that I felt really excited to want to finish it and see what happened next. The story centers around the life of three kindergarten mothers which are living in a small privileged town in Australia.Its very hard to follow the story, in the beginning because in the it starts off with a unexpected murder of an unknown victim. Thru the book the story takes place 6months before the night of the murder and at the end of most chapters there are people that where at “trivia night” constantly getting interrogated about the event.

The author does a great job about lining up the interrogations accordingly to what’s happening in the story, almost like perfect time. The story takes place in the course of the time leading up to the night of the murder, the trivia night. The struggles of the main character Madeline, celeste and Jane unfold. The book deals with heavy topics, such as bullying, assault, and domestic violence. The author does a good job about really letting us into most of the characters thoughts especially the main ones. Throughout the book you are trying to figure out how was murder that is the people getting interrogated. It’s almost as your trying to put little pieces together. The strange thing for me was I was not as worried so much about whom dead but more and more of the troubles of the main characters.

The title does the story justice in the sense that the story is centered on hiding these big “little” lies for each of the characters, which are held really closely till the end. The story has a big plot twist at the end which was not expected at all but for me I felt like it was right there because they use a term “broken” and both of the women that for some reason through the book seemed to have a certain connection both ended up being tied somehow I wont give it away but go read the book.

Something I enjoyed about this book was the wittiness to it; there was a lot humor. That made the heavier topics found in the novel more lighter to digest. I think a big theme for this book was also body image but also self worth.

The biggest thing that hit home for me in the book wasn’t the part of being a teacher because I don’t tech kindergarten. Which after reading this book I can understand the pressure of being a kindergarten teacher simply sounds like a tiring job. Nonetheless I have huge respect for kindergarten teachers. However what hit home for me was the term broken. I loved how the author gave us bits and pieces of what broken meant, and showing that broken meant something different for everyone. One of the characters mentioned something like….” they are beautiful women but they are broken, I know because I’ve dated many of them”. It made me think that broken people sometimes hide their brokenness so well that others don’t know they are broken unless you’ve been around some who’s been broken. I also learned that when your broken its hard to see all the things that can make you whole again. I believe it establishes that whole self-love and accessing the proper help if one needs to see the end of the tunnel. It also highlights that things do happen to good people and sometimes they don’t deserve them and that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what defines them but what helps them grown, being broken becomes a part of the process not a part of who you are destined to be. We aren’t destined to be broken but finding that wholeness in our life in a different form. Just like the characters involved in the story at the end of the book they where on the road to wholeness traveling, out of their brokenness process.



Lastly this book had my vote as a favorite because the author incorporated one of favorites Star wars. Star wars references are mentioned a few times in the book and it literally took my heart with kindness.



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