Arizona in 5


Greetings again I feel I haven’t given my blog any love recently as I would like but I will get back into it I promise!!!! I’ve been so busy and exhausted but like I said in my previous post I have so much to share!!!

I visited Arizona at the start of this month and lets just say I had my typical expectations about it and left learning a lot too. Below I’ll list five things I loved about Arizona and five things that where hard to adjust too.

My trip to Arizona was an express trip for a weekend for a special sporting event. Already heading to Arizona there was a forecast of crazy weather I had never experienced in my life, how does 118 weather sound lovely if you love, love the heat.

Five things I needed to adjust too

1.The water in Phoenix is very salty for my taste .In addition I needed to drink water lots, lots it was so hot. After the third day the salt didn’t hurt so much but opted for buying bottled water to avoid the salty water.

2.Unfair people, I swear the first day we got their we witness an old man going off on a another man saying awful things about their color it was horrible to witness that.

3.Food options, Arizona is not known for their amazing cuisine, I think being from California kind of spoils us from the rest of the states, enough said.

4.The Heat, the Heat was just simply annoying 117 was horrible you could just feel the heat everywhere; luckily I’m glad I survived. During the day we would quickly run to where we needed to be we mostly opted for ac indoor places. God bless the stadium where the sporting event was held was indoor and had ac we totally forgot about the heat. The best way to beat the heat in Phoenix is staying in the shade and hydrated.

5.number 2 on this list really bugged me!!!!!!


5 things I loved about Arizona!

1.Murals, the city is filled with color there is Murals all over the place there is many young and talented people in Arizona so much culture. Phoenix also offers first Friday, which happens on the first Friday of the month in Arizona they offer free entrance to two of the art museums in the city and then provided free trolleys that move you around seven different stations where art is located. Best part of first Friday is it’s free.

2.Arizona has so many Latinos (mostly Mexican) I felt at home. I loved that when I order something, somewhere they would say my name in Spanish.

3.The Grand Canyon was amazing! More about that later

4.So much Native American history filled in the city of Phoenix and it’s near by areas

5.My favorite meal I had in Arizona was Hopdoppy, I’m unsure if that originated in Arizona but it was amazing!!!!

Will I return to Arizona of course but I will avoid visiting in summer, I’d love to attend a sport event again and see the grand canyon again As well, maybe I would not stay in Phoenix the city of heat.



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