Copa America


Copa America is coming to an end and if you’re a big soccer fan you know exactly what I’m talking about. Copa America is the soccer cup that takes place in South America selecting the best teams in the region by country and if you know a little about South America you know they don’t play around when it comes to soccer. Usually Mexico and the United States are invited to participate in this southern American soccer cup this year the United States where lucky to host the 100th year Copa America.


I was lucky and grateful enough to go my first Mexico game out in Glendale Arizona. Where my team performed above expectation against Uruguay. The game was how could I say it amazing!!!!!! Mexico was on fire; I couldn’t believe we beat Uruguay because they are such a big team. I had never been to a big soccer event like that before and Mexicans really know how to get down when it comes to soccer and celebrating.

The stadium was filled with green shirts of course rooting for Mexico and the excitement was unreal, the most exiting part of the game was celebrating goals.

I saw so many people it was crazy. When Uruguay scored a goal the craziest thing happened in the stadium it suddenly felt silent no noise just the awkward sadness.


Unfortunately Mexico didn’t make it pass quarter finals with the devastating lost against Chile 0-7 in favor to Chile but the experience in Glendale was very memorable I loved it and will hope to attend another Mexico game in the near future.


Love ….me stay tune to watch the final between Chile Vs Argentina  and third place Colombia vs U.S.A.

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