Grand Canyon



I visited the Grand Canyon just two weeks ago and I must say it’s a definitely a must!!!! If you call yourself an American of the United States of America you truly need make time to pay your visit to this very special landmark located in Arizona. I must admit the voyage to the Grand Canyon may not be the easiest one; we drove about 4 hours north of Phoenix to visit the north rim of the Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon is  immense, its dangerous to hike but most of the view of the gran canyon are irreplaceable. Just viewing the Grand Canyon your eyes get lost in all its dimensions it’s literally unreal. The grand canyon has a natural park  built around it which covers miles and miles you can view the Grand canyon from many points however there are specific observation decks.The temperatures at the canyon range based on the different locations in the canyon they range from120 degrees to below zero numbers in the winter.

When visiting the Grand Canyon always be prepared with a cap and  pack extra water  they do offer spring water in some locations and, yes watch your step. But most importantly take in every single view of this landmark. Lastly make sure you are adding the Grand Canyon to your must do things on your bucket list.

Visit the Grand Canyon enjoy that view,breathe in  this landmark and wonder how many  who have traveled to see this in color and not just a postcard,till the next time grand canyon.


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