Just One Year-Book Review

This book was worth  putting in extra minutes to finish; I literally went thru the book very quickly and I’m very proud of that. So let’s dive into this book. This book is the companion to Just One Day by Gayle Forman. When I first read this book I thought it was going to continue on the cliffhanger left in Just One Day, however that was not the case. The book started in the middle of Just One day.

The book takes us through the life of Willem after him meeting Lulu and his journey to try to find her. The author lets us into Willem’s thoughts throughout his day with Lulu, the events that happened to him, and why he left Lulu that day. In this year Willem travels from place to place and finds himself while trying to find lulu. The character visit many places such as his home in Holland, Cancun, Paris and India.

Diving into Willem’s side of the story I learned 5 important things.

1.Never judge a book by its cover because the previous book, Just One Day,  we thought Willem was a “bad guy”, but in this companion we were able to understand his struggles, get to know him better and understand the things left unknown in just one day.

2.Believing in hope. In this book we learned that the littlest hope kept both characters moving forward even when it seemed unreal for them to find each other, especially when we knew they where very close to each other.

3.Travel allows you to appreciate what’s left at home. Willem kept traveling to run away from his issues but he knew he was at home when he found his calling in an acting Shakespeare plays, just like how lulu met him.

4.New friends allow you to see a new outlook on life, like when Kate supported Willem’s passion to pursue acting.Sometimes-new friends see you as you are, while old friends are constantly comparing you to your formal self. Sometimes new friends allow you to grow because they see you in your current state of mind.

5.Lastly this book taught us once again, one must take to truly find oneself and I loved that again the characters felt content with the journey they took even if they didn’t find love at the end.

Spoiler alert

The characters do find themselves at the end of the book  but it leaves us in a cliffhanger. However, Gayle Forman provides an e-book  wrapping up this love story.

My last words for this book are that it left me feeling to chase something, wanting to believe, wanting to take a new journey and find something just like Willem.


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