Oh Canada oh Canada




It felt like it had been months and months of waiting to arrive to Canada my original plan was to visit Toronto and see Niagara Falls. However after extensive planning I knew that Vancouver would be the better option for now. When you think of Canada you sometimes think it’s very similar to my home country (the states).


As soon as the plane landed into Vancouver as I looked over my window I was in love, the greenery the scenic views where amazing. Vancouver is the city that breathes life with all its greenery. Even the McDonalds in Canada is so much healthier the food doesn’t make you feel sad and ugly after.



I was happy to arrive to Vancouver and breath in the air and as I walked to public transportation to the sky train I heard French here and there. The walk to my hotel was colorful the street was busy as my sister and mom walked we where excited to see so many business close to our hotel we knew we wouldn’t starve.


While in Vancouver for starters the weather was so much cooler than what I had experienced the week before in Arizona. To my good luck the drastic weather change didn’t allow me to get sick. In the morning you could feel the coolness but during the day the weather was just perfect the sun would pop up but nothing too crazy. In Vancouver you wouldn’t see the sun fall until after 9:15pm yes that’s 9:15pm.


The streets where always busy which made you feel safe while walking I believe I walked and walked everyday an average about 8miles and one day I even managed to walk about 12miles.My favorite thing about Vancouver was the greenery of course hands down I loved it. While in Vancouver I visited several places that you should do while in Vancouver most of them are very close their was still so much more to do in Vancouver which I will have to save till next time but check out this list below ill share more about those things I loved and I’m certain I’ll visit again.



Things I love 1-5

1.Fly over Canada (must try at least once)

2.Stanely Park (bikes rides)

3.Suspension bridge

4.Amazing-laugther statues (free)

5.Granvislle Island (take a ferry there)

6.Gas town( free)

7.Canada Place (free)

.8.Queen Elizabeth Park

9.City view of Vancouver’

10.Chinese Garden( go for the free option)

11.Beach (free)

12.Public Library (free)

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