20 random facts

1.I can ride my bike using no hands

2.Yellow burnt lawns depress me (water your lawn or buy fake grass)

3.I don’t know how to float

4.I’m a a crazy planner

5.I ran a half marathon( hoping to run my next one)

6.I always made handmade cards for friends as a kid( I love stickers)

7.My favorite months are March,June and September

8.I get impatient easily

9.I still can’t get over my cinderella bracelet I lost in the 1st grade.

10.I had a crush on Matty Lopes in Elementary and no one would let me forget it!

11.I played soccer back in the day

12.I was in a play

13.I loved middle school

14.My favorite movies growing up  where Space jam, Toy story, Lion king and Spice girls

15.Love ,Jane the virgin and the big bang theory, forever love HIMYM and full house

16.reading and writing are some of my hobbies

17.I threw up in a candle once, I remember seeing the chocolate pieces from my doughnut

18.I’m a picky eater

19.I’m straight outta of Stockton

20.I cry, laugh and skip really high



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