My knees

Yes I’m dramatic but I never thought it would hurt me so much to cry about it.My knees have been giving me trouble for a little over a month off and on.I haven’t been running like I use to.Nor working out like I use to.I wouldn’t say I’m the athletic type but I move enough to make it part of my life.

The past month I was walking like crazy getting steps in my fit bit waking long distances to get those steps in.I went to the doctors over a week ago and I found out I had runners knee.Which is not the end of the world but it was something.Some temporary changes and modifications needed to be made and more so my life would be back to normal I could do the things I loved once again.

Like I said I’m not the athletic type but I don’t like being told I can’t do something I like having the option.Today I broke down and cried I told my boyfriend that the knee thing  was getting to me and I was crying as my knee was in pain.I just felt so useless feeling this pain.I was even more heartbroken knowing I had  to cancel my upcoming race with my bestie.

Oh knee we can get thru this together the sooner the better.

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