Hello Kitty (Oakland A’s)

I think I can say that most girls love hello kitty for me being a 90’s kid hello kitty was a pretty big deal I remember buying stationary from the hello kitty store and saving the magic paper they would pack your items for. Like I said in the 90’s hello kitty was a big deal. As I’m currently trying really hard to slow down and not over book myself for things I’m still struggling with over planning and than having absolutely nothing to do. So on Saturday one of my  friends pushed me into going to our favorite team game because yes you guessed they were giving out hello kitty bobble heads.

Yes you guessed we scored our selves some pretty adorable must I say bobble heads. I loved them and mine well soon be on my desk at work its adorable did I forget to mention that! Our adventure at the baseball game was rather smooth. However for some reason every thing my friend and her friend ate taste really bad according to them even there Starbucks orders got messed up it looked like they gave them water. I order some popcorn and that felt like I was chewing paper not the best. Needless to say we beat the rays of the sun and had some pretty good seats saw our team take that win against the Toronto blue jays and most importantly enjoyed the game with good company and scored hello kitty bobble heads.

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