Puerto Rico me lo regalo


Disclaimer the awesome song of Gente de Zona with Marc Anthony mentions Puerto Rico many times, but the awesome music video is not filmed in el Viejo San Juan however, parts of the video are filmed in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and Havana Cuba. I swear my friend and me were about to start looking for the location while in San Juan.

My travel to Puerto Rico was eventful, because it was the furthest flight I’ve ever taken, about 8hrs.It was indeed the most east I’ve ever gone and it was an experience. I had never gone with out so many hours without sleep I can’t believe I functioned. Right when I landed into San Juan Puerto Rico the atmosphere was transcending thru.


As soon as I landed all I wanted to do was to be able to knock out you see I only had 1hour of sleep just an hour. The humidity was intense along with beaming rays of the sun, but I secretly loved the humidity. Puerto Rico was breath taking, even thought it’s a colonial/property of the united states you can clearly tell there is Latin blood running thru there people.


The highlights of my trip to Puerto Rico without a doubt where walking thru the streets of old San Juan and just taking in the culture and all the immense humidity it had to offer. One of the days my friend and I got soaked it was fun until we really got drenched on the boat ride. I honestly had never been on such a little boat you could literally feel you where just floating so close the water.


Both El Morro de san Felipe and el Castillo de san Cristobal is must stops to visit in San Juan along with old San Juan. The views of the castle and fort are beautiful the wind literally blows in your face and adios humidity for about five seconds. My friend and I almost had a heart attack when we almost ran over a monster size iguana because we weren’t paying attention talk about pushing your heart out. Also we discovered that in San Juan the street cats, one look evil and are mini lion, ninja, and buff cats.We were able to zip-line thru parts of the jungle with amazing views and a little nerve racking.After that we headed to the Yonke  which is a national rainforest and the place is just simply beautiful.

I would always look forward to unwinding the evening with a nice walk on the strip and swimming and hitting the beach. OH gosh how do I miss the pool.my friend and I would swim and literally chill and take in the views from the pool. I must admit I found the love of my life an amazing burger that just blew my mind literally. It was amazing! I also learned some really neat facts about Puerto Rico, which one of them was that Puerto Rico is the only Spanish-speaking place that calls oranges china. Another favorite of mine was pan creole, which was Puerto Rican bread that tasted divine with cheese and my all time favorite parcha, which is passion fruit ice cream it was to die for. One the last day I literally sprinted to the man with the parcha ice cream to catch him before he left my friend was dying of laughter.

Puerto Rico is of course a place to visit and especially in the summer time.Will I go back of course it’s a must repeat place on my list.


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